Greetings Mudkips,

So a fair deal of you might have noticed the recent slowdown of new content on the site. I know I have, and this post is to tell you why it’s happened.

Our resident translator, Teh_Ping, had his computer break recently (as recent as the last blogpost). Before this, though, there was a decline in the quality of translations and a virtual stoppage to certain projects (namely, Magdala de Nemure).

The longevity of this downtime, along with this diminished translation quality, was doubly caused by the absence of Onsen no Osen and myself, Ambient Qualia, from the fray as editors. As you might expect, the translations process involves a great commitment of time and energy, which can’t always be lived up to for our followers.

Teh_Ping has been the heart of this project, bringing his years of experience to Heretic and the great magic of his abilities to you as a result. We’d still love to see new recruits on the translations side though, to help alleviate things on him.

So you’re probably wondering, “Where do we go from here?” Let me first offer my reassurances that Heretic is very much alive and well. What we face today is just the perfect amalgam of detractions from pursuing Heretic’s focus. As for we two editors, what we still want to do is yet undone, and our protracted hiatus will come to a turnaround once some demanding personal matters are taken care of.

Until we regain full momentum and kick back on top of things, I want to personally thank all of you for the support. I know it’s clichéd to no end for me to say this, but you readers really do matter to us.

The HereticLNT staff hopes you stay safe and enjoy yourselves this holiday season!

3 thoughts on “Where have we been?

  1. ….Cloud just had that moment of epiphany when he looked on the google drive and realized that Ping -really- was the only one translating…….. (Except for Shikken)

    And then I -almost- felt guilt-tripped into translating under you guys… |D

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